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Yateem Hearing Care Center was established in United Arab Emirates in 1988 under the Yateem Group.

A year following the launch of YHCC in U.A.E., its services were extended to Bahrain to provide excellent professional services to hearing-impaired patients in the region. Today YHCC has got its presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al-Ain as well.

Yateem Hearing Care Centers are well equipped, with facilities for hearing evaluation along with highly qualified and trained personnel to provide professional care services to patients.


YHCC offers a complete range of hearing aids and state of the art technology in hearing aid fitting

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Clinic diagnostic services

At Yateem Hearing Care Centre, we have a complete range of services to identify the degree and type of hearing disorders. These services include hearing screening, diagnostic evaluations, hearing aid selection and fitting, various diagnostic procedures i.e. tympanogram, and stinger and speech tests.

Hearing aid dispensing and fitting

We meticulously select hearing aid to suit patient requirements. The Audiogram, Beta, and Oea tests help in proper selection and fitting of hearing aid. Appropriate hearing aid suggestions call for precise test results. And that's exactly what we offer

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Hearing aid ear-mold

We process and make all types of ear-molds. From hard silicon and soft silicon to earplug for industrial use and water precaution; we have molds that suit different ear configurations.

Hearing aid repair and service:

Our services do not end with providing the perfect remedies for the impairment diagnosed. We also provide repairing services for the hearing aid provided.

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Al Rigga Street, Deira,
Tel : +971-4-2222265
Fax : +971-4-2227717


Khalifa Street
Abu Dhabi UAE
Tel : +971-2-6277022
Fax : +971-2-6724646

Main Street AL Ain,
Al Ain UAE
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Al Tijjar Avenue
Tel : +973-17-253397
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