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For those living in the GCC region, whether it is UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi or Qatar; summer is a constant companion. Even in the coldest days, the sunshine is rarely hidden. This makes Sunglasses a necessity rather than a mere accessory. Proper sunglasses can help protect your eyes from UV radiation, provide visual comfort, cut off glare, help enhance your vision and above all; makes you look amazing.

The Yateem group’s optical chains like Yateem Opticians, provide you with a fantastic range of branded sunglasses for all occasions. We carry only genuine branded sunglasses and this means you can select your sunglasses with complete confidence.

Selecting Your Sunglass

The art of selecting the sunglasses is not as simple as one might think. At Yateem Opticians, we have perfected this process to ensure that you as our customer, are provided the best sunglass that meets your individual requirement both functionally and aesthetically.

Just as we don’t use the same shoes for office use and for sports, we cannot effectively use the same sunglass for all activities. It is ideal to choose your sunglasses for individual lifestyle requirements. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting your sunglass.

If you are going to use sunglasses for sports or strong physical activities like jogging, cycling, etc, then you need to select sunglasses that wrap around your head to give the best grip. Sporty sunglass models are often made of Nylon fiber to be lightweight, water-resistant, and to have the curvature needed to grip your face. Wear the sunglasses and ensure that the fit is snug but not tight.

If you are going to get sunglasses for driving, frequent use in the beach/water bodies, or snow areas, it is important to get polarized Sunglasses. These protect your eyes from glare and provide a much clearer vision

If you have the need to read even when outdoors, then you can opt for sunglasses with gradual tint where the lenses are clearer near the bottom to allow comfortable reading.

Any Sunglass you choose needs to sit comfortably on our nose and grip the sides of our head very gently.

Sunglasses can come with varying intensity of darkness. Not all sunglasses may be equally dark.

Ensure you look down and to your sides when trying on your sunglasses to assess the fit. There should be no movement of the sunglasses on your face with casual movements

Genuine branded sunglasses offer 100% UV protection. Don’t select non branded or fake products as they may cause more harm than good to your eyes

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